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Hotels in the World - Travel + Leisure

The main function of hotels is to give visitors a place to stay, food to eat, refreshment to drink, and other such services and goods. They do this by commercially providing items that are often furnished in homes but not available to those traveling away from home.

In the past, hotels have also served a variety of additional purposes, including locations for business meetings, social gatherings, public forums for debate, showcases for d├ęcor, bases for political administrations, destinations for vacations, and permanent dwellings.

The creation of the hotel and the hotel business revolutionized travel in America, accelerated the settlement of the continent, and increased the reach of urban culture. 

Hotels served as an effective system of cultural creation and distribution, which allowed them to influence people over long distances.

Hotels became a boundary between local communities and the outside world as a result of their function as lodging for travelers, with hotel guests serving as cultural messengers who spread novel ideas about aesthetics and technology along their travel routes.

The concepts that were spread the most frequently were innovations in interior ornamental luxury.  Great Hotels of the World

In an effort to draw visitors, hotel owners spent a lot of money on upscale furniture, which turned the design into a capital good that could be displayed.

The interiors of hotels frequently enticed visitors to imitate a higher quality of living because they could afford to spend much more on amenities than a private family could & they can  Explore the world's best hostels

The American hotel began as an experimental cultural form, but it quickly spread across the country and grew into a massive and important national industry.

The hotel industry changed the way people travel, making it less difficult and uncertain for the masses to partake in and more predictable and routine for the few.

The hotel evolved along the way into an instrument, ornament, symptom, and representation of America's continental and Hotels worldwide


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